As the French saying goes, “La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin
(life is too short to drink bad wine).”

At the NG Art Creative Residency you will be invited to visit local vineyards and sample some of the finest Côte de Provence Rosés of the region. This is your chance to become a wine aficionado, mature your palette, and discover which variety makes you tick. The vineyards are just a stones throw from the homestead and we often find ourselves heading there in the late afternoon, to purchase a delicious bottle of wine to complement our dinner.


Provence may only be a small region, but its impact on French viticulture has been profound. As the oldest winemaking region in France, viticulture has a played a major role in the life and culture of Provencal natives for over 2000 years. The name alone conjures up glorious visions of sun soaked afternoons among the lavender fields sipping on some of the world’s finest varietals! The only region in the world to focus its palette on rosè, Provence is home to the only dedicated research institute to the quality and style of its production.

Côtes de Provence

Viticultural Provence is divided into 9 main regions or AOC (Appellation de’Origin Contrôlée). Among the largest and most familiar of these is the Côtes de Provence. Producing around 75% of the regions wine, 89% of which is rosè, the region is one of the most diverse in France.



The last Massif before the Mediterranean Sea, the Alpilles is dotted with boutique local wineries, as well as larger, established Provencal institutions such as the beloved Chateau Romanin. Boasting a unique terroir, shaped by nature into a fortuitous ‘V’, the Alpilles is one of Provence’s most historical and picturesque regions, and has since become one of its most renowned wine producers. Uniquely cultivated blends of red, white and rosè can be found growing on the rugged slopes, favoured for the originality of the rich soil and temperate climate.

Chateau la Coste

Located one hour from Eygalières, Château La Coste is a vineyard where viticulture, art, architecture and philosophy live in harmony. It is here that artists and architects are invited to the domain to create work en plein air, to be exhibited in the vineyard’s sculpture park. Constantly evolving and encompassing the vineyards entirety, sculptures by the likes of Louise Bourgeois, Tom Shannon and Tatsuo Miyajima are scattered throughout the domain. Alongside the sculpture park, lies the Tandao Ando Art Centre, a space conceived in the architectural form of Japanese masters, creating an extraordinary experience of light, space and nature. Exhibiting the likes of Ai Wei Wei and Tracey Emin, the Tandao Ando Art Centre is exemplary of the cutting edge contemporary art community working and exhibiting in Provence. NG Art Creative Residency participants will have the opportunity to wander and roam through the wooded hilltops, vine filled valleys and picturesque olive groves as they breathe in the creative spirit of Provence and sample the wines.