Mas Des Pelerins

The artist and pilgrim, soulful travelers in parallel realms, are by nature similar; like Siamese twins, they are connected by the tissue of desire to experience the world directly. Phil Cousineau – The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred

A few kilometres from the historical village of Eygalières in Provence, Southern France lies the charming boutique Provencal 15th century homestead Mas des Pelerins. Meaning ‘house of pilgrims’, Mas des Pelerins was once a pilgrims’ inn; a dwelling of rest for ‘wanderers with purpose’ on the pilgrimage route of St Jacques de Compostelle through France to Spain. History tells of the weary travellers who saw candlelight burning in the turret and sought food and rest in the grand stone house before setting off on the road again.

Today, its warm golden light and wide-open doors invite pilgrims, on their own creative journeys, to replenish their skillset and ignite imagination. Let the rustic burnt amber gates close behind you, amble through the four hectares of olive groves, and immerse yourself within a space of nourishment and enlightenment.

Admire the beauty of the enchanting Alpilles mountains in the distance, feast on home-cooked meals produced by local chefs and enjoy evening aperitifs at the pool bar. Recline on sunbeds with book in hand, reinvigorate yourself in the garden’s pool, and appreciate the company of your fellow creatives. Meander along the nearby sun-kissed canal, be serenaded by the smooth sounds of Edith Piaf, or opt for the endless meditative buzz of cicadas.

Learn some mother tongue from Madame Ginsberg, steep yourself in the historical splendour of Eygalières, and savour every last drop of rose at the local vineyard. Delight in garden soirées, sense the stillness of the night air, or fancy yourself a leisurely game of petanque. Cap off your night with a tipple at the saloon bar, gaze at the starry starry night sky, and devour fresh baguette, cheese, café au lait, and pastries a plenty each morning.


Most importantly, nourish your soul and find sanctuary. Unearth that place of peace, silence and refuge, in which to create, paint, draw, sculpt, write, sing, rhyme, film, photograph, ponder life, and perhaps collaborate because:

Everywhere has a secret room. You must find your own, in a small chapel, a tiny cafe, a quiet park, the home of a new friend, the pew where the morning light strikes the rose window just so. As a pilgrim you must find it or you will never understand the hidden reasons why you really left home.Phil Cousineau – The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred

Mas des Pelerins is just that; a nurturing space to reside, explore and, above all, create, while you continue on your journey, perhaps a road unknown…