Artist Fiona White


START Art Fair – Saatchi Gallery, London, 13 – 17 September 2017

Fiona White is a highly acclaimed Sydney-based artist and global practitioner whose work tackles issues at the forefront of international political discourse. White’s deeply expressive and thought provoking works are inspired by people from all corners of the globe, characters from Australia, the Americas, Africa and Mexico among others will be featured in the show. Notably within the collection, ‘Round Up’ (2016) was created in response to President Trump’s heavy handed racial policies concerning Mexican immigration. A passionate story-teller, White fuses history and the current international climate, drawing from a range of photographs, media, the internet and her fantastical imagination to narrate her stories.

The signature charcoal faces claim the foreground of her colourful works, and are the central figures of her worldly, yet familiar scenes. An expansion from traditional portraiture, the decidedly human characters inhabit strange, collaged narratives, interspersed with scrambled symbols and landscapes, challenging our understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the world. White’s distinctive and vibrant character work manifested from an early age, her layered painting style reflecting the multi-faceted nature of her practice. A self taught artist, White’s impressive command over a range of media, developed by experimenting with drawing cartoon cut outs from magazines and papers, which overtime evolved into the intricate mixed media works she produces today.

White has been a finalist in many prestigious exhibitions and awards within Australia and internationally, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Sulman Prize, Mosman Art Prize, Portia Geach Memorial Award, Rick Amor Drawing Prize, and winner of the Manning Art Prize, Macarthur Cook Art Award, SCAP Art Prize and Blake Prize “Human Justice Award”. White’s work has been exhbiited at the Korean International Art Fair, London Olympics Artshow, London International Creative Competition and Red Dot Art Fair & Miami to name a few. Her work is included in the BHP Billiton Collection, Phillip Morris Collection and private collections in Australia, USA, Italy, UK and Hong Kong.