The French approach to food is characteristic; they bring to their consideration of the table the same appreciation, respect, intelligence and lively interest that they have for the other arts, for painting, for literature, and for the theatre.Alice B. Toklas, member of Parisian avant-garde.

The weekly Eygalières, Saint Remy-de Provence and farmers markets will awaken your sense. Engage with the local farmers and producers, and taste-test the abundance of Provencal delicacies that line the bustling street. Think goose fois gras, Pont-l’Évêque cheese wheels, the catch of the day, herb-crusted saucisson, twenty varieties of olives, crusty loaves of bread, tapenades, and macaroons a plenty.

Together, local chefs and Madame Ginsberg will source ingredients for the local markets, exhibit their culinary skillset, and impart their knowledge of food and authentic French cuisine. Here you can taste the fruits of their labor, one ingredient at a time, and lend a helping hand so that you too can create creative and culinary masterpieces.

Spend your day feasting in the Provence countryside. Create en plein air while indulging in gooey camembert, crusty baguette, jambon de bayonne, and fresh seasonal fruits, alongside other creative residents, and meander home as night falls.

I always stopped to look from the top of the valley at the long zigzag of smoke ribbons drifting up from the farms that are scattered along the Bonnieux road. It was a sight that made me think of warm kitchens and well-seasoned stews, and it never failed to make me ravenous.Peter Mayle, A Year in Provence