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Alyssa Choat


Revelation through Concealment

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The living observer moves with a sense of mounting panic, through a world of the dead… We experience a sense of the uncanny when we gaze at garments that had an intimate relationship with human beings long since gone to their graves. For clothes are so much a part of our living, moving selves that, frozen display in the mausoleums of culture, they hint at something only half understood, sinister, threatening, the atrophy of the body, and the evanescence of life (*Wilson 1985, p1).

Revelation through Concealment is a culmination of projects that investigate fields of vision, concealment of the body and perception. It is a multidisciplinary work, situated within the blurry parameters of conceptual fashion design, categorised as a collage on the body. Notions of the body and exteriority, the haunting and uncanny feeling that is experienced when one is in the presence of a shrouded or completely concealed body, one that is divorced from known parameters of bodily representation, signifies death, in the same way that an historical garment in a museums does.



This work is an investigation into vision, the power of sight and how to be perceived by others’ representation and consumption.

* Wilson, E. 1985. Adorned in dreams: Fashion and Modernity, London, Virago.


Opening reception for Revelation through Concealment will be held from 6 - 8pm on Thursday the 10th of July at NG Art Gallery in Chippendale.

Revelation through Concealment runs from 10 - 26 July 2014.

For further information, please email ng@ngart.com.au


Alyssa Choat

Alyssa Choat

Alyssa Choat