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20x20x20/no colour

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To be opened by Professor Lawrence Wallen, UTS Faculty of Design

20x20x20/no colour exhibits creative works by the staff from the School of Design at the University of Technology, Sydney.

From diverse disciplines including fashion, animation, spatial design, photography, product design and visual communication, the works in this exhibition are inventively connected through a simple brief: to create something no larger than 40cm3 and to use no colour. With over 30 artists and designers participating in the exhibition, the interplay between the works is created by scale and neutral objectivity rather than any curatorial viewpoint.



Artists & Designers

Benedict Anderson
Tobias Andreasson
Gerhard Bachfischer
Bert Bongers
Christopher Bowman
Thea Brejzek
David Burns
Juan Cabello
Deborah Cameron
Armando Chant
Esther Chung
Gabriel Clark
Alana Clifton-Cunningham
Thomas Cole
Michael Day
Kees Dorst
Peter Farman
William Feuerman
Damian Gascoigne
Matthew Gidney
Jacqueline Gothe
Urtzi Grau
Nicky Hardcastle



Cecelia Heffer
Natalya Hughes
Sarah Jones
Stefan Lie
Cathy Lockhart
Jacquie Lorber-Kasunic
Todd McMillan
Louise McWhinnie
Monica Monin
Anton Nemme
Berto Pandolfo
Todd Robinson
Zoe Sadokierski
Aaron Seymour
Donna Sgro
Adam Jasper Smith
Christopher Stewart
Paul Sutton
Kate Sweetapple
Deborah Szapiro
Mark Titmarsh
Leisa Tough
Roderick Walden
Lawrence Wallen

For further information, please email ng@ngart.com.au